Where To Ski and Snowboard in Southeast Colorado?

Skiing is one of the major pastimes bringing tourists to the state of Colorado from all over the United States and the world. The high elevations of this mountainous region attract a lot of snowfall, and the various inclines have plenty of options for beginner and experienced skiers alike.

In the southeast Colorado community of Pagosa Springs, the Wolf Creek Ski Area plays host to thousands of skiers every year. Open now through the early parts of April, this resort receives about 430 inches of naturally falling snow every year, which the resort’s website states is “the most snow in Colorado.”

The entire skiing area contains more than 1,600 acres, serviced by seven different lifts that bring people to a variety of novice, intermediate and expert slopes. The Wolf Creek slopes cater mainly to intermediate skiers, as more than one-third of the slopes are geared toward those with moderate skills. However, beginners and experts have an equal percentage of slopes designed for either group.

If it’s your first time visiting Wolf Creek, and you haven’t strapped on skis many times in your life, head to the Nova Lift, which will bring you directly to the beginner terrain. For those who know how to handle tight turns and steep inclines, the Bonanza Lift is a triple chair lift that services many of the expert slopes. This year, the ski facility has added a new high-speed detachable quad lift known as the Treasure Stroke, allowing skiers to ride to the top of the slopes in style.

The San Juan Mountains, the range on which Wolf Creek is situated, is one of the more rugged regions of the Rocky Mountains. This terrain isn’t just great for outdoor sports, it’s also fantastic to view throughout the year.

With the winter months approaching, now is a great time to plan your trip to Pagosa Springs and take advantage of some of the country’s best skiing conditions. Call Pagosa Accommodations when you need to a place to stay and enjoy your vacation in Colorado! We accommodate both long term stays for or short term rentals. We will do what we can to find the place for you after a long day on the mountain.

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